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Highly Effective Practices During Break

While we’re away from school, here are some Highly Effective Practices that we can all focus on and implement to make the most of our time and be the best version of ourselves.



Habit Basic Definition Highly Effective Practices
1. Be Proactive You’re in charge
  • I have a “can do” attitude by knowing how I can help at home and asking myself what I have control over
  •  I take responsibility for areas in my control, such as my thoughts, my actions, my belongings and my hygiene
  • I choose my actions; when so much feels out of control I can still choose what and how I think
  • I control the controllables:   my music, my moods, and how I manage my time are just 3 things I may be able to control.  Take this time to “get ahead”,  organize your room, backpack, closet. 
  • I use proactive language;  thinking and speaking positively.  I believe that one day things will be back to “normal”.
  • I pause before responding;  I pause before reacting when frustrated.
2. Begin with the End in Mind Have a plan
  • I set meaningful goals each day that make a difference.  What can I accomplish today that I will be proud of?
  •  I know that one day I will look back at this time and find there was something of value that I learned
3. Put First Things First Work first, then play
  •  I focus on how I can best use this time; I  keep a schedule and ask myself questions about the best way to use and manage my time.
  • I avoid things that waste my time,  keeping social media, video games and other distractions to a minimum
  •  I plan what I want to accomplish each day and I follow my plan.
4. Think Win-Win Everyone can win
  •  I share with others when and where I can.
  • I consider how I can help others by thinking of their needs.

5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Listen before you talk
  • I listen to others’ ideas and feelings.  Sometimes people I am close to seem unreasonable or unfair.  I can choose to try to see things from others’ viewpoints.
  •  When my family and those close to me speak, I listen to others without interrupting.  Then, after listening, I can voice my ideas.
6. Synergize Together is better
  • I get along well with others, even those families and friends that I don’t always see eye to eye with, knowing that  “two heads are better than one”.
7. Sharpen the Saw Balance feels best
  • I know It is especially important to strive for balance and renewal in my sleep, my eating, my exercise and my service to others
  • I spend time with my family and friends, talking, playing games or helping others to accomplish their tasks.
  • Remember, I learn in lots of ways and in lots of places.


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