Support Gueydan High School

It takes a village.

This old adage still applies to today's current educational organizations. It takes a whole community of people working together to accomplish the lofty goal of educating our children today, and there are many ways to support your local community school: donations of time, money, feedback, positive words, and much more. We ask you to join our team and help us educate the children of the Gueydan community by any means you have available to you. Continue reading on this page to discover how you can help support the faculty and staff of Gueydan High School.

Click on the button to donate to the GHS Special Interest and Second Helpings Funds

Donate to the GHS Special Interest and Second Helpings Funds

The Gueydan High School Special Interest Fund is an account from which monies can be allocated to differ the costs of supplies, activities, rewards, incentives, and other miscellaneous costs as deemed necessary by the school administration and staff. All proceeds from this account will be used for instructional materials; operating expenses; motivational incentives for students, faculty, and staff; and other expenditures that are not funded through other district, state, or federal sources.

Students at Gueydan High School have been awarded free breakfast and lunch each day, but to be able to get second helpings or extra drinks, students must pay for these items from their lunch accounts. Oftentimes students who wish to have second helpings do not have the funds in their accounts to pay for extra food or drinks. If you would like to support these students' second helpings of breakfast or lunch, you can do so by donating to the GHS Second Helpings Fund.


Buy Tickets for the 2023 VPSS Car Raffle

Thanks to continued support from Mendoza Ford and the Gueydan community, thousands of dollars have stayed right here at GHS because of donations through the VPSS/Mendoza Ford Car Raffle. This year's raffle will be held on December 9, 2023 at the Mendoza Christmas Extravaganza in Maurice, and the top prize will be a 2023 Ford F150!

You can buy tickets online through this link:

Wish Lists

Purchase Items from Teacher Wish Lists

The faculty and staff of G.H.S. have complied wish lists on and created projects on Click on the links below to view, purchase from, or donate to individual wish lists.

Mr. Brock Meaux's Wish List

Coach Bradley Butler's Wish List

Mrs. Rena Bertrand's Wish List

Mrs. Sheri Istre's Wish List

Ms. Simone Stutes's Wish List

The PBIS Store Wish List

Subs Needed

Become a Substitute Teacher

Become a Substitute Teacher for the Vermilion Parish School Board by completing an online application and completing the required training course. As a VPSB sub, you can select when and where you are assigned within the school district. Email to register for the next substitute in-service. The email must consist of your name and email address. Once your email request in received, an email response will be sent to you from the Frontline software to complete the application process. Contact VPSB at (337) 898-5744 with any questions about becoming a substitute teacher.


Join the GHS VIP Team

Become a member of Gueydan High School's Very Important Parent (VIP) Team by contacting the office and letting someone on staff know that you are wanting to join the team. The VIP Team consists of parents and guardians of current students who volunteer their time and resources to support activities at G.H.S. Some of the activities you can expect to hear about and contribute to are working concession stands at events, contributing time and resources to Teacher Appreciation Week, fundraising, assisting with awards events and banquets, and much more.


Be a Positive Supporter

The best way to support Gueydan High School--and it doesn't cost a thing--is to be a Positive Supporter. It takes courage and a little risk taking to be an innovator and reach your potential, and how do you gain the courage to be a risk taker? A person grows and gains confidence through positive encouragement and meaningful, relevant feedback. We are asking you to be part of the team that supports the Gueydan High School community in its efforts to grow innovative, confident people who use their skills and talents to make a positive impact on the world. Please help us by modeling supportive behavior, speaking supportive words, and encouraging the children who attend our school and its activities to do the same. After all, it takes a village.

Visit our Families and Community pages for more ways to support Gueydan High School.