GHS survivor
For the week of May 2nd through 6th, the Gueydan community celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. Local businesses and families donated meals and gifts to celebrate our teachers, and teachers participated in a Survivor-theme series of challenges created by Mrs. Nadine and Mrs. Tiffini to earn points for their team! The contest was as follows:

From a tiny school in Gueydan, Louisiana, these 28 teachers are beginning a week of adventure. These teachers have worked diligently these last 157 days of school and deserve a little fun and some prizes. This is their story… this is Survivor!
The 28 teachers will be separated i to 2 tribes named after great brown bears- The Grizzlies and the Bruins. Through out the week the teams will compete during lunch for points.   Each member will head to tribal council in the morning to spin wheel for challenge and prizes. Students will be needed throughout the week to help our teachers with challenges.   An immunity idol has been hidden on campus as well!
Let’s Play Survivor!”

Please see the link below for pictures of our activities and for a list of people and businesses we would like to thank for making this week possible.